Products & Services

Bowline has the largest fleet of Tornborgs hoists in New England. As a BrandSafway company, we also stock a large fleet of RAXTAR, Champion and STROS hoists with a wide variety of car sizes and load capacities. Our hoists are equipped with the latest technology and variable frequency drives to ensure a safe and smooth ride. Learn more about our hoists by contacting us today.

Motorized Solutions

  • Tornborgs
  • Champion

Complementary Solutions

As a BrandSafway company, Bowline offers customers access to a broad range of services and solutions:

  • Supported scaffolding
  • Suspended scaffolding, including QuikDeck® and QuikShield® Suspended Access Systems
  • Motorized solutions, including mast climbers, and Spider® powered suspended access products
  • Forming and shoring solutions
  • Labor and project management
  • Engineering
  • Safety programs and training

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